Group Homes

Homes with new friends, fun experiences, and comfortable living

Homes with a heart.

Located in neighborhoods throughout Virginia, our group homes empower adults with a developmental disability to live as independently as possible while receiving the support they need to be successful. Our homes house four individuals of any faith, race, gender, or age who are fully supervised by dedicated shift staff, including overnight. Each resident has his or her own bedroom, decorated however they wish (including pink with purple butterflies!), and each house offers multiple communal areas where residents can relax and socialize. 

All our living rooms have cable TV and an assortment of board games, art supplies, and materials for any other hobbies the residents may be interested in. Our kitchens are accessible and supervised should a resident wish to help prepare a meal. Our dining areas encourage communal meals to help with socialization.

Person-centered thinking. It's what we do.

At Heart Havens, we use a person-centered process. Every day, people who live in Heart Havens homes make choices, both small and large. Whether it's something as small as deciding to watch a movie after dinner or something as big as organizing a community dog food drive or redecorating their bedroom, our staff are there to provide support as the individuals we serve make their goals and dreams happen. Our staff is knowledgeable about community events and resources so they can encourage the people they support to try new things and have new experiences. 

"I live near your home and I have had the pleasure of enjoying your wonderful staff and individuals walking and riding past my house on a daily basis. Your staff is simply wonderful and outstanding. The individuals look so happy. I have seen them around town during the spring and summer at various events. Congratulations to you and your staff for doing and outstanding job! Keep up the great work." - Heart Havens Group Home Neighbor