Why work for Heart Havens?

Working at Heart Havens is rewarding in so many ways. See what our current staff say about their jobs!

"I enjoy helping the residents of Heart Havens live the life they choose to the fullest, offering them opportunities to try new things they may not have known they would enjoy. As a staff member, I appreciate that Heart Havens doesn't just have buzzwords to define who we are as an organization - integrity, respect, empowerment, empathy and accountability - these words are real and are put into action every day. They define how we do our work here.​"

~Lisa, House Manager

Heart Havens staff recognize each individual’s strengths, one person at a time, one day at a time and one goal at a time. Each of us contributes to bring smiles in the lives of those we support and it transforms them.

~Wanda, House Manager

"I like having the opportunity to empower and encourage individuals on a daily basis to develop life skills and achieve their goals."

~Dana, Direct Support Professional

"I've enjoyed working at Heart Havens because of the family atmosphere and the amazing residents. Heart Havens definitely stands apart from other places as they truly care about the quality of life of their residents and ensures they are apart of their communities. I have worked for Heart Havens for the last six years and it has been an amazing adventure, great staff recognition and the all around support is amazing!"

~Alexas, Direct Support Professional

"I love working and helping individuals have a better life. The different kinds of individuals you get to work with at each of the homes are always different and a joy to work with. Helping people has always been my passion and this job gives me the opportunity to do so. I truly enjoy working in this population and this is one of my favorite companies I have came to work with. The atmosphere at Heart Havens is always so opening and the upper management are always very helpful when you need them. Great company to work for and amazing people to come in contact with."

~Samantha, House Manager


"I like working for Heart Havens, because it's not just an agency that provides a home for individuals; it's a company that cares about their mission and focus on giving the individuals a place to call home, while they continue to grow in life."

~Renarta, House Manager