Meet our Team


House Manager, Lynchburg

I love working with the residents here at Heart Havens Lynchburg. Prior to Heart Havens, I worked at a Day Support Program for 13 years as a Lead DSP.  Before that I worked in the high school setting with teenagers with Multiple Disabilities for 3 years and before that I worked with children age 2 – teenager in a Speech, OT/PT Clinic. My youngest son also has Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I enjoy seeing the residents and having a chance to connect with them each day. I love helping the residents at Lynchburg to find ways to increase their quality of life by providing activities like paint night and offering them opportunities to go to local plays, whether at community, college or high school theater.


House Manager, Macleigh-Holland

I love working at Heart Havens because I want to be the one to make a difference in each individual’s life. I strive to show them that anything is possible and that no one has the final say but them on their capabilities. My sister was born with disabilities and I always treated her like the wonderful sister she was. My sister passed away. The smallest thing I do for the residents makes them smile, even if it is just to say Hi to them.  I want them to know I am aware of what is important for them and more aware of what is important to them.


House Manager, Marybeth Graff

Heart Havens provided me the opportunity to expand within this field of working with individuals with a developmental disability in a residential setting. I share a connection with parents who has a child with intellectual disabilities, based on being a parent myself, who had a daughter that had intellectual disabilities. I learned that theirs a deep love and desire of every parent to see that their child attains their maximum potential and, the hope that they will live as independent individuals. I was blessed to have the right support, guidance and preparation, in order to prevail. I am sad to say, my daughter passed on to glory in November 2008 at the age of 31. I feel that God’s love for me, put me here at Heart Havens in a situation for growth, responsibility, and being able to connect in a fulfilling way that would help the individuals that I serve to succeed and having a meaningful life. That’s what I love about working at Heart Havens!

Jennifer Boyden

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Huff

Chief Operations Officer

Amie Brittain

Quality Improvement & Program Development Specialist